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Fact: Slow, simplified, exaggerated speech a.k.a. “baby talk,” helps infants develop word recognition at an earlier age. 


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6 weeks, up to 1 year
Lehigh Children’s Academy provides a warm and nurturing first environment for your baby to grow and learn.

  • Your baby’s knowledge of the world is based on their sensory perceptions and motor activities – what they see, hear and do all day.  Our nursery is a warm and colorful environment full of plenty to see and touch.
  • Your child’s daily schedule is set by you – and your baby!  The nurturing staff of Lehigh Children’s Academy follows your child’s schedule for naptime, feeding and play so their schedule is consistent with what your child does at home and the schedule you prefer.
  • Teachers read, sing and interact with your child to encourage speech development as well as hold, rock and snuggle with them throughout the day.
  • Your child is introduced to basic sign language, helping them communicate their wants and needs more effectively before verbal speech develops.
  • Leaving your child in someone else’s care for the first time can be a difficult for transition for some parents.  Parents of children in our nursery can access a live, secure video feed of the infant classroom to help ease this transition and check in on their little one throughout the day.
  • Lehigh Children’s Academy’s nursery has limited equipment on the floor to maximize gross motor space and development – there is plenty of room for your child to explore, learn and play.
  • Teachers make every attempt to keep the classroom and materials as clean and germ-free as feasible.  Toys and materials are washed and sanitized as they are used.  The room is a “shoeless” space to eliminate outside contaminants from the floor space the children are using.

Call or email to learn more about our program, how you can enroll your child or to schedule a tour.

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