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Lehigh Children's Academy
Lehigh Children's Academy

Lehigh Children's Academy

Educational experiences that promote your child’s emotional, social, intellectual and physical development.


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Fact: A child’s genes and their environment both work together to influence growth and development, so nature and nurture exert equal force.

The mission of Lehigh Children’s Academy is:

  • To provide quality care and education to children in a safe, caring, clean and developmentally appropriate environment.
  • To provide a place for education, play and social engagement that is inclusive of children of all abilities.
  • To recognize families as a child’s first teachers and the ones who know their child best.
  • To function as a model for best practice in early care and education by meeting or exceeding licensing and quality standards.

At Lehigh Children’s Academy, we focus on creating learning opportunities through educational and recreational experiences that promote all areas of a child’s growth and development.  We work collaboratively with families every step of the way from first feedings to first day of school and beyond.  In our inclusive setting, we provide a developmentally appropriate educational environment for every young child that accounts for each individual’s unique abilities and potential in an accepting, respectful climate.

As a non-profit, we have the freedom to concentrate on the needs of the children and families we serve first.  We can work on building relationships with families, because when you nurture the whole family, you provide better care for the individual child.  In taking the time to connect with families and understand their desires for their children, we can better meet the needs of each individual child.

We support our families by building a sense of community for the children and their relatives, developing mutual relationships where the values and opinions of all are shared, appreciated and acknowledged.  We honor the unique composition of each family including their cultural, ethnic and linguistic background while celebrating each child’s individual strengths, acceptance of self, and acceptance of others.

We appreciate the value of trained and qualified teaching staff.  That’s why staff development and training is a continuous process that includes inservice trainings, webinars, on-demand trainings, guest speakers and regular meetings.  Our staff are supported in continuing their education through early childhood coursework and classes by providing the time and resources needed to complete them.

We are firm in the belief that it takes a village to raise a child.  Relatives and special friends are invited to join us for special events throughout the year where they can interact, get to know each other and create a community.

Our teachers are encouraged to collaborate with families through conferencing opportunities along with daily conversations and interactions.  We inspire our teachers to build earnest attachments between the children and their families.  Conferences are held at least two times per year, and parents are encouraged to speak with staff on a regular basis or request meetings with staff at any time, for any reason.

Teachers talk to families about their own child’s accomplishments and opportunities for growth. Families are encouraged to clarify their own desires for their child.  We help families in crisis by providing resources and comforting support.

Call or email to learn more about our program, how you can enroll your child or to schedule a tour.

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