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Using technology in the service of healthy development, learning and creativity.


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Philosophy of Digital Media Use in Early Childhood
Based on the progression of the use of tools and materials, our teachers use technology in their classrooms by giving children the time they need to explore the basic functionality of technology and the devices used to convey this media.  Children are encouraged to use technology in the beginning much the same way as they are given books and other literature to explore well before the point that they are expected to understand book handling skills or be able to read.  It is put into their hands simply to provide access to technology tools for experimentation and exploration.  For older preschoolers and school agers, technology can enhance early childhood learning when integrated into the environment, curriculum and daily routines, and support your child’s optimal learning and development.

Integration with Curriculum
Appropriate technology use can also enhance the other materials, activities and interactions in the classroom, support learning relationships and offer opportunities for your child to share experiences with peers and adults that is enjoyable and engaging. Lehigh Children’s Academy carefully selects and uses technology in the service of healthy development, learning and creativity.  Finding videos about how to build a structure, seeing and hearing a book read, or looking at online pictures that illustrate a topic of discussion are some of the ways teachers use technology as a part of the planned curriculum.

We believe technology should not replace activities that are important for your child’s development like creative play, real life exploration, physical activity, conversation and social interactions. We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics and the White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity recommendations which discourage screen media and screen time for children under two years of age and recommends limited screen time for older children.

Integration with Children
Lehigh Children’s Academy provides a balance of activities for your child.  Technology and digital media are valuable tools that we use intentionally with your child to extend and support active, hands-on, creative and authentic engagement with their peers and their world.

Your child is developing their sense of initiative and creativity.  They are curious about the world around them and curious about learning.  They explore their ability to create and communicate using a variety of media like crayons, markers, paints, blocks and dramatic play materials, and use creative movement, like singing and dancing, to express their ideas and experiences. Technology provides one more outlet for demonstrating their creativity and learning.

Integration with Families
Technology tools help our teachers make, maintain and strengthen the connections between the center and our families.  Lehigh Children’s Academy utilizes Tadpoles ®, an application that allows teachers to send emergency alerts by text message, send photos and videos to parents in real time, receive photos and videos, add to a viewable portfolio, and lets teachers and parents compose and receive daily notes all through secure email connections.  With the goal of building strong relationships with families and increasing engagement at our core, tools of technology allow teachers to maintain ongoing communication and information exchange.

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