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Fact: By the time your child turns one, they will have potentially tripled their birth weight and grown about 1 ½ inches per month.

Some of our added health and safety values:

Meals, Nutrition & Fitness
Lehigh Children’s Academy serves breakfast, lunch and two snacks (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) every day, included in your weekly tuition.  Nutrition is a major factor in the physical, social, mental, and emotional development of children.  Teaching nutrition to your child early and often is the key to developing healthy eating habits.  We strive to establish nutritionally sound habits, as well as an understanding of the relationship between food, health and growth.  We also incorporate regular physical activity into our daily routine.  The Academy has both outdoor and indoor space where your child can practice and extend their blossoming gross motor skills and get some needed exercise and movement.

Lehigh Children’s Academy provides weekly Creative Relaxation classes to students, ranging from Older Toddlers through Kindergarten.  In Creative Relaxation, children of all abilities discover their unique talents through exercise and yoga, games, music, dance, stories, art, mindfulness and breathing.  Creative Relaxation offers children a greater appreciation for who they are and their part in the natural world that surrounds them.  For example, experiencing the stillness that lies within an inhale or exhale can help children be more aware of and more present in their bodies, a term we’ve come to know as Mindfulness.  When children become present in the moment, they become aware of their own reactions and explore their choices for emotions like joy and sadness, worry and positivity, anger and kindness; this is an important skill for children to master as they are developing their own sense of autonomy and empathy for others. Classes are taught by a certified children’s yoga teacher. 

Allergies and Food Preferences
Lehigh Children’s Academy is a nut-free facility, but we also remain sensitive to other allergies and will make food substitutions as necessary. We serve only chicken and turkey meat products. Vegetarian options are commonly available. Whole grain products are typically served.

Individual key fobs are issued and required for entry into Lehigh Children’s Academy, and a unique pin and passcode is required for each authorized pick up individual.

Live Video Viewing
Transitioning to out-of-the-home infant care can be difficult for some families. To ease this passage, parents of children in the infant room can access a secure live video feed through a secure website so you never miss a year one milestone.

Call or email to learn more about our program, how you can enroll your child or to schedule a tour.

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